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Hot and Spice Tofu (Ma Po ToFu)


1 cake large long ToFu, 3 oz. ground pork, 1 scallion,        1/2T. Chopped ginger and garlic


(1) 2T. hot bean paste. 1/2T. cooking wine, 1t. soy sauce, 1t. sugar, 1/2C. water

(2)1/2T. cornstarch solution, 1t. Szechuan peppercorn powder


Step1:   Add 1t. salt into the boiling water, blanch the diced tofu, and remove immediately after the water has been boiled.

Step2:  Add 3T. oil stir-fry the ground pork until the color changes, then add the chopped ginger, garlic and hot bean paste, then add the tofu and other seasonings together.

Step3:  Dice the scallion. Until the tofu absorbed the liquid, then add cornstarch solution to thicken, and sprinkle the diced scallions, remove to serving plate, sprinke over peppercorn powder, then serve.


1. Boil the tofu in salty water, in order to get rid of the bean juice and prevent the tofu from being apart.

2. It must be hot, spicy and salty enough for this dish, you can stir-fry peppercorns without adding oil in the fry pan, then minced and powdered.


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