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Stir-Fried Chicken Strips


2-2/3 oz chicken breast(boned, skinned)

(1) 2t. cooking wine+1/4t soy sauce + 2t cornstarch

(2) 4 Chinese black mushrooms+1T ginger strips+ 1T green
     onion strips+1t garlic(minced)

(3) 1/4 bamboo shoots (cooked strips)+1/4 green pepper
    strips+1/4 red pepper strips.

(4)1t. cooking wine+1/2t.each: salt, sesame oil +cornstarch
     +2T.water +2T. vegetable oil



Step1:    Cut chicken breast against the grain into strips. Add (3) and marinate for 10 minutes. Soak mushrooms in water until soft and cut into strips.

Step2:    Heat 2T. oil in preheated work Add chicken strips and stir-fry over medium heat until color changes. Remove from heat. In remaining oil, stir-fry (2) until fragrant.  Add (3) and stir-fry slightly.  Add chicken strips and (4);  stir-fry until mixed. Remove from heat and serve.

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