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House and Environments

Ancient Chinese found their balance from peaceful environments. Daoism is a good representative of this kind of idea. Also this is the beginning scene of Academy Awards Movie "Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon"

Picture I:   Hong Cun Creek
Picture II:  Villages (Ming Dynasty)
Picture III: Hong Cun Lake
Picture IV: Ancient Bridge
Picture V:  Ancient Temple


So many stories about archways!  Some are surprising. Some are sad. There are many archways which commemorate the virginity of widows.

Picture I:   Tang Yue Archways
Picture II:  Xu Guo Archway
Picture III: Hu Wen Guang


Forbidden City

Forbidden city is a mystery name.  But nothing can cover its beauty and its majesty.  Hold your breath and find your way to the magic.

Picture I:   Door to the palace
Picture II:  Forbidden City



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